Frequently Asked Questions

We do not charge extra for size on any Express Wash, even though the larger vehicles cause more wear and tear to our equipment, which is an expense for us to replace. Roof racks, rear wipers, running boards, open bed trucks, add on accessories all cause more wear and tear on our cloth and tear and rip it. Also open bed trucks hold water in the beds and the blowers, blow it up into the motor and destroys the motor. We use a truck bed shut off for the blowers… which leaves the vehicle very wet and more extensive towel drying is needed.

However, on Vans, SUVs, and large trucks the interior cleaning has more area, as we do clean the entire inside of each vehicle. We will charge extra on the interior service. Interior service is all about labor and as we all know, the minimum wage keeps increasing.

You are responsible for your antennae. Most antenna’s can go through our wash. If your antennae can go down when you turn your radio off, please be sure to do so. Also you may take your own antennae off before entering the car wash. If your power antenna doesn’t go down we do not recommend you go through the car wash.

Yes. We have plastic bags located near the tunnel entrance. It is your responsibility to put this on your rear wiper. Without the bag rear wipers can be damaged. You can ask an employee to put a bag on the rear wiper.

Yes. Please be sure to have everything out of the bed, including small rocks and twigs. If your bed has something in it, it will blow out and damage our equipment and/or a car behind you making you responsible for all damages. This includes tow straps and bungie cords. We do turn off the blowers on the open bed for safety.

Yes, we do most of them. We can wash Hummers, Excursions, Suburban’s. We also wash “some” larger lifted trucks. Wheels/Tires can only be 12″: wide. Always ask an attendant or  management if not sure. We do have height markers.

The maximum height is 80 inches.

This is a totally new experience for Car Washing. This is a powerful Polish & Protectant that covers your vehicle. Its has a really cool smell and enhances your vehicle natural shine.  Applied thru the wash cycle.

This is do to staffing. We are always hiring, however, in this day and age it’s more difficult than ever to find good help. We advertise highly to hire, and we pay a very good rate with bonus’s and tips.  Now days, people are not interested in working as like the old days.  We are always trying to do all we can to provide all services to our customers. We will always work hard to find the best employees , so we can offer customers all services all day… Please bare with us on this issue. We hope to improve asap!