Propane Services

Call for today’s prices as above pic is used for advertising only.   724-863-5560

At Palarino’s, we fill our 20lb propane tanks (gas grill size) with 20lbs of propane. Some places only put 15lbs and make it seem like they have a good price, but really don’t as they are not putting the appropriate amounts in.

We weigh our tanks and give you what you pay for and fill your tank to the maximum allowed.

We also fill RV’s and a variety of size Propane containers.

All propane tanks must have an OPD (overfill protection device). This is the law and no tanks can be filled with out this. All new tanks are made with this safety feature.

Procedure:  Pull in up to drive through window at car wash , we check your tank, you pay, then you pull around to Propane tank and we refill or exchange your tank.   RV’s Walk over to Cashier booth and we will send someone to fill the RV.