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Palarino’s Car Wash was established in November 1988. Owner, Ron Palarino has been there now over 35+ years. Since then the face of the site has changed considerably. It was always a full service car wash, however, no one knew what changes were in store for the North Huntingdon car wash.

A family owned Business… and yes, you will see Ron and maybe some family members out there every day with the great hard working employees.
Ron, feels that customers should “experience a new way to clean”…
Stop in and you’ll see the difference…

Many changes took place through the years….from the once popular “Heavenly Yogart” in the front part of the Car Wash, to the sound oriented Ultrasound Stereo Shop & the Cash Depot in its time. The full service Detail Shop in the rear was rated #1 in the area. And remember The Authentic Pizzeria & Deli. A convenience store was also in place, until the much bigger renovation of the all new state of the art flex serve center. That’s where the Express Detailing came into place.  The crazy popular Gift Basket World started in the front of the Car Wash, now doing better than ever in it’s new home in Downtown Irwin.  Adding more SARRIS Candy, the Name was now, GIFT BASKET WORLD & CANDY SHOP, “Featuring SARRIS Candy”

Next, Palarino’s changed to what’s called a “Flex Serve”, cars could now go through the car wash without waiting for others out front getting their vacuum and shutting down the line when busy. An express wash was born for those customers in a hurry and those who chose to get the full service just took a spin around the building to the interior cleaning area.

Now working in a smooth efficient fashion…the car wash cleans over a 150 cars an hour on busier days without the conveyor stopping. And now with the new updated Interior cleaning area…there is plenty of room for stacking with a convenience oriented waiting area for those who choose to relax there.

Palarino’s still does the quick and easy Hand Polishing under the large Canopy. And you just have to try the “NEW” Cyclone Detailed Air Blast, it gets all those extra areas where water runs out…

And now, there is the large and more powerful, FREE Self Service Vacuum stations that let customers vac their vehicles free if they choose to do it themselves…they just have to get a wash that day.

With new technology always on the rise, new arches and equipment are coming soon…. And be on the look out for some Pittsburgh oriented themes!  Steel City! Check out our site on Facebook. Join us and be a fan today!

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